About Me

Learn a little bit about me and my views.


Who am I?

Roary Tubbs here, from the great state of Oklahoma. UI/UX Design is my craft, and my passion is to create compelling, attractive, functional and rich user experiences. In my eyes, design isn’t just a career… it is a way of thinking and can be applied to many facets of life.

I am an adventurer, designer, maker, dreamer and brand builder; and above all, a Christian.

My hope is to work for and with others who have a genuine interest in making the web a more beautiful and useful place. I want to learn from my peers and have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned, as well.

Knowledge is very one dimensional. Experience is three dimensional.


Understanding the union of attractive and effective design is the foundation on which I work. I believe in making not just functional products, but products that people will actually use and find enjoyable. Design is much more than pretty pixels on a page; it is a means to solving problems with creative results.

Good design goes well beyond designing visual elements. It’s about telling a story through design.

  • If you don’t understand the problem, you can’t create a solution.
  • What is important to the people using this product?
  • How does this fit into the bigger picture?
  • Fight for the users!
“Audacity to believe that the thing you’re making is something the world wants and needs. And humility to understand that as a Designer it’s not about you or your portfolio, it’s about the people you’re designing for and how your work just might help them live better lives.”

Margaret Gould Stewart Director of product design, Facebook


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